Eyebrow Pencil

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Beauty and brows go hand in hand. 

Bobi Eyebrow Pencil is a triangular-tipped, retractable eyebrow filler that’s all set to be the newest addition to your eyebrow kit. It gives you just the right amount of product and dimension for multifunctional use while the formula is so smooth that it glides in between your brow hair to fill in sparse areas without leaving the dreadful patchiness.  

We are confident that this easy-to-use eyebrow pencil with brush will give you enough control to help you achieve your dream eyebrow makeup every day.  

Wait! There's more good news. Our cruelty-free eyebrow pencil comes with a high-quality spoolie brush, allowing you to gift yourself that natural finish every single time. 

You know what that means, right? You won't have to buy any extra products to do your brows—it’s one product to rule ‘em all! 

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