The journey began with a burning desire to provide consumers with 100% authentic, high-quality, cruelty-free, ethically sourced intelligent beauty and color cosmetics that aim to inspire and empower.

This vision of revolutionizing the beauty industry gave birth to B.O.B.I., a homegrown company that aims to disrupt the prevailing pattern of overpriced products lacking in quality. With several years of experience in the industry they noticed a pattern, good products are imported and others are overpriced and low quality. This observation sparked a deep curiosity and a quest for change. After spending five years honing their skills, conducting extensive research, enduring countless trial and error experiments, and conducting thorough market research, they finally made their idea a reality, witnessing the birth of B.O.B.I. Their first offerings to the market were signature false lashes, latex-free microfiber makeup sponge and eco-friendly bamboo face pads. With each product they launched, BOBI aimed to establish a new paradigm in the beauty industry, one where consumers could enjoy uncompromised quality without paying exorbitant prices.

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Cruelty Free
Quality of Excellence

Our founder Maushmi Dhawan is an expert in Indian Bridal makeup, as well as other makeup styles. With her extensive experience, she has worked on a wide range of events, portfolios, editorial shoots, fashion shoots, TV advertorials, and films throughout the country. Her talent and skill have also gained recognition on an international level.

According to Maushmi, the craft of makeup is far from a simple job; it requires a deep passion. It is the combination of one's unique skill set and expertise that sets them apart in an industry with numerous avenues. Each category within makeup requires a specific level of ability and skill to master. Maushmi emphasizes that it is this dedication and proficiency that elevates a makeup artist's work to new heights. After completing her training at The Rever College of Make-Up, Maushmi learnt from the best in the industry, experts such as Jyoti Oberoi, Vikram Gaikwad, Ojas Rajani, and Seema.To further enhance her skills, she attended workshops conducted by esteemed makeup artists including Allesandro Allacantra, Makeup Forever, and Bobbi Brown.

Additionally, Maushmi expanded her expertise in hairstyling by attending workshops led by highly experienced stylists such as Patrick Cameron, George Kot, and Millie Si. These opportunities allowed her to gain valuable insights and refine her craft from some of the industry's finest professionals.