A: Cancellation can be done only before shipment.

A: An order placed cannot be modified. Before shipment you can cancel the order and place it again. BOBI will be regularly sending email updates regarding the orders received / shipped / shipping updates etc. So, we request our customers to keep the filters of your email settings appropriately so that you receive such emails from us. BOBI will not be responsible for such mails not received in case of wrong setup of email settings at the customer's end.

A: Upon receiving your order confirmation email notification, your order can take between 2 – 7 business days to process and ship (excluding weekends and holidays). Please note that during special promotions or sales, processing can take between 5 – 14 business days due to an influx of orders. Please see our processing times chart, here for more information.

A: Shipping time depends on your selected shipping method and delivery location. Please allow 5 – 14 business days for standard domestic shipments and 7 – 30 business days for standard international shipments to be received. For additional details on shipping please visit our shipping details page here.  

A: Please see our return policy for more details. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders, and for hygiene purposes we do not follow any exchange or return policies.  

A: We have different options of digital payment (Paytm, Debit Card, Credit Card, GPay Etc) and Cash On Delivery.

A: Please double check billing information: billing address, CVC security code, and billing name. Please note, the billing address is associated with your bank account.

A: Yes, all Bobi products are cruelty-free. What does this mean? It means our products are only created with synthetic blended fibers or sterilized human hair. Our product's adhesive is also made from an acrylic material. No product is created by or tested on animals. IS BOBI VEGAN? We are officially not vegan certified, due to our use of human hair on some styles, but we can assure you we do not use any animal or animal by products. Our lashes are made from either 100% synthetic fibers or 100% human hair. Our lash adhesive is acrylic based and does not contain any animal product and is vegan certified. We are committed to promoting ethical and compassionate beauty practices.

A: Yes, Our lashes are procured through carefully vetted ethical channels before being sold.

A: We offer high quality lashes that compliment ALL eye shapes at best prices. We pride ourselves on staying innovative, constantly designing, and launching new products and accessories while staying timeless. Our packaging is eco-friendly. Meaning we use less paper and plastic than other lash companies, Bobi lashes is proud to be an environmentally conscious business that is always striving to become greener. We like to keep it Eco-chic, all packaging is 100% recyclable.  

A: Carefully remove the first lash from the lash tray. Hold the lash against your lash line to measure the length of your eye. Trim the lash strip where it extends from your outer corner. Curl your eyelashes. Apply lash adhesive along the lash band and allow glue to sit for about 40 seconds or until glue becomes tacky. Use tweezers, eyelash applicator or hands to place lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, start from center, then inner and outer side. Apply mascara (optional) and/or apply liner to fill in any gaps.  

A: Bobi lashes are individually handcrafted and made to last through multiple wears. (TIP: Whenever you "undress" your eyes, remember to (1) gently remove the glue from your false lashes with makeup remover and (2) Store them back in their tray to maintain their natural shape.)  

There are a couple of basic ways to remove your lashes, and tugging is NOT one of them! First, try removing one false eyelash by securely holding the lash at its base and, beginning at the outer corner, gently pull the lash towards the direction of your tear duct. Repeat this process with the other eye. Your false lashes should come off without much effort or discomfort when the lash is applied properly and not applied to your natural lash. If you are having slight difficulty with your lash removal, simply dab a non-oil based makeup remover onto the lash adhesive along your lash line with our bobi bamboo makeup removing pads or a cotton swab. After the adhesive has fully softened, lift the outer corner of the lash band and gently pull the lash inwards towards your tear duct.  

Eyelash adhesive is NOT included in your purchase. However, we do sell eyelash adhesive separately.  

Waterproof makeup removers or makeup removers with an oil base are the best way to remove excess lash adhesive from your eyelids along with our bobi bamboo makeup removing pads. 

Bobi lashes are made for multiple uses but to ensure the longevity of your lashes here are a few tips to care for your lashes. Remove glue buildup after 3 – 4 wears. This can be done by holding the lash by the base and gently peeling off the excess glue with your fingers. When applying mascara, try to apply mascara to the natural lash first and not to the false lash. This will prevent build up and lengthen the longevity of your false lash. Store lashes in their original tray or in one of our lash cases to maintain the lashes shape and keep them clean.  

Applying mascara to your false lashes is optional because no mascara helps you get more use out of your falsies. However, adding mascara gives you a more dramatic effect.  

No. When false eyelashes are (1) applied correctly with the proper adhesive and (2) removed safely and gently, there is no harm done to your own lashes. In fact, lashes have shown to become healthier from wearing false eyelashes because it replaces the need to wear mascara or curl your eyelashes.  

Bobi lashes create a wide variety of lashes! The type of lash style does depend on what lash appearance you’re trying to achieve: natural, wispy, dense, or dramatic.  

A: Absolutely! Our 5D eyelashes are designed to be reusable. With proper care, you can wear them multiple times and enjoy their stunning look for various occasions.

A: The Bobi Bamboo Microfiber Face Pads are durable and can be used up to 150 washes. Their eco-friendly design ensures they last longer, reducing waste and saving you money.

A: Yes, you can! The self-adhesive strip on our lashes provides a secure hold, making them suitable for all-day wear without the need for messy glue.

A: Our Glitter Eyeliners are formulated with skin-friendly ingredients and are safe for most skin types. However, we recommend conducting a patch test before full application if you have extremely sensitive skin.

A: Yes, our Microfiber Velvet Magic Blender is versatile and can be used with primers, foundations, concealers, and more. Its microfiber material ensures a streak-free and flawless application.

A: Clean the lenses of the Makeup Flip Glasses with a soft, lint-free cloth. For thorough cleaning, use a lens cleaner or mild soap with water, and dry them with a clean cloth.

A: Yes, the Bobi Hair Color Stick is suitable for all hair types and colors. Its convenient stick application allows for precise touch-ups on both natural and colored hair.

A: Yes, our Glitter Glue is waterproof, ensuring that your glittery eye and lip looks stay put all day long without smudging.

A: While our Neon Eyeliners are highly pigmented and vibrant, we recommend using them on the upper lash line for the best results.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to assist you and make your beauty journey with Bobi an exceptional one!